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Processing & Unfolding in Eclipse

6. June 2012

Some months ago…I had already set up Processing and Unfolding successfully in Eclipse. Time goes by…I remanaged some datastructures…and everything is bogus 😦

So…now I write it down…and maby it helps also somebody else!

Step1: Learn how to set up Processing in Eclipse…with the help of that tutorial:

Step2: Use template to set up Unfolding in Eclipse: Thanks to Till Nagel, who gave me the original template!

Step3: Try and if everything is running fine.

For me…I’ve got some problems with GLGraphics…but will care for that later. For now…I just comment the corresponding code!

Solved that problem, by this command : sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/fglrx/ /usr/lib/
(Found here:


My original claim, was to display the tile-borders. Therefore I have to set it all up with the original source code:

Step4: File / Import… / File System / Browse –> Unfolding/src (Marker on ‘src’) / Finish (be sure to have ‘src’-package marked before importing)

Step5: Change code in ‘’ (package = de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.mapdisplay) in function ‘createTileLoader’

protected TileLoader createTileLoader(Coordinate coord) { 
 TileLoader tl = new TileLoader(papplet, provider, this, coord); 
 tl.showDebugBorder(); // Zeigt pro Tile einen Rahmen // 
 tl.showTileCoordinates(); // Zeigt pro Tile paar Infos an 
 return tl; 

Finish: Now the tile borders are displayed!

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