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Utilisation aspects of interactive web maps

18. September 2012

In preparation for my last paper I identified some basic constraints for the applicability of cartographic generalisation to interactive web maps that occur in relation to their utilisation. As the size of the paper was limited I have discarded that listing but now I found it again and I want to publish it here.

Maps are fundamentally related to the targeted audience and their requirements on the practical utilization. Therefore also the need for applying generalisation and which kind of operators has to be applied is influenced by the specific utilisation aspects of the targeted map. Basically the constraints have either an influence on the final map, on the kind of map visualisation or on both. Therefore I list them separately:

Constraints on the map

  • content –> thematic vs. topographic
  • display area –> global vs. local
  • tile opacity –> opaque vs. transparent

Constraints on the map visualisation

  • access –> online vs. offline
  • level of interaction –> static vs. interactive
  • level of scalability –> restricted (tiles) vs.  free (e.g. svg)
  • mash-ups –> with vs. without

Constraints on the map and the way it is displayed

  • publication –> privat vs. public (open access vs. commercial vs. ministerial)
  • appliance –> informative vs. analytical
  • level of actuality –> high vs. low


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