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Ideas on generalisation service licensing for ‘social coding’

25. September 2012

In a previous post I already mentioned that I need an intelligent licensing for the publication and ‘social coding’ of generalisation algorithm with the WebGen-WPS as platform.

My basic idea is to share the whole source code of the currently implemented WebGen-WPS code via GitHub under GPL V.3 license. That is nowadays a common license for open source software and as it is ‘copyleft’, it ensures that all deduced programs will still be free of charge. Additionally, I want to detach the algorithms that implement the specific generalisation functionalities, called services, from the WebGen-WPS. By that it is possible to license each service independently, so that the authors can choose in how far their algorithms are published.

I already identified 4 general levels on how code should be published. Now I realized that point 2 an 3 are very similar, as it is always possible to copy (download) a code when it is visible 😉 Therefore I modified that listing and added my my first ideas on which open software license could fit to the described requirements:

  1. visible source code & completely changeable –> GPL V.3
  2. visible source code & unchangeable –> AGPL
  3. invisible source code (& unchangeable) –> author copyright ???

Of course this listing is related to the basic condition that a service is available at the WebGen-WPS!

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