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Cartography in music

5. March 2013

This is a list, especially for me, on cartography in music.

It was not very seldom, that I realised that some of my favoured bands refer to cartographic contents or even have a reference in the band name.That is why I make now a list of all cartographic references, that I discover in music when listening to it. In consequence, will this post be open for a long time. But I publish it now…so when somebody has also some other cartographic references in its music library…you are welcome πŸ™‚

Bands with reference to cartography in name

Maps and Atlases
Maps and Diagrams
Charts and Maps
Swell Maps

Songs with reference to cartography in title

Song Album Band
Atlas Mirrored Battles
Maps Fever To Tell Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Maps of your hand Hullabaloo Soundtrack Muse

other References to cartography

Band Album Content Link
Dredg Leitmotif cover image = satellite imagery
Long Distance Calling Satellite Bay cover image = satellite imagery
Thurston Moore Trees Outside the Academy backcover image = Thurston in front of a map
Brokeback Field Recordings from the Cook County Water Table cover image = satellite imagery
The Dandy Warhols Earth to Dandy Warhols cover image = satellite image of the earth

When I look at the list, it is not as astonishing as I thought before beginning this list. But nevertheless I will go on…maybe it will become more impressive, when it grows πŸ˜‰

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