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Next tests on TileStache

3. May 2013

This time I will collect some additional functionalities of TileStache, that I have tested today.

The file I am working on is: gridding_test.cfg started by ~/Software/TileStache/scripts/ -~/Software/TileStache/gridding_tests.cfg

The preview:

Was completely new to me…see TileStache-Documentation: Projections–>preview

This is a very good option to get an immediate preview of the data & styling that you are working on:

 "provider": {"name": "mapnik", "mapfile": "examples/gridding_style.xml"},
 "projection": "spherical mercator",
 "lat": 51.993,
 "lon": 10.744,
 "zoom": 7,
 "ext": "png"

In my example…I call the preview via: http://localhost:8080/visualise-vector/preview.html


Very simple…detailled descriptions can be found in the TileStache-Documentation: Layers–>Vector

I want to test the tile supply of tiled data in GeoJSON-format…so my code looks like this:


To test the code…I call: http://localhost:8080/vector-test/5/17/11.geojson


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