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Sorting Polygons

8. May 2013

Last week I discovered a nice visualistation made by Jason Davies, where he displayed the polygons of the NaturalEarth-Data sorted in relation to their size.

That inspired me to try a similar visualisation, using the recently published official german data and extending it with some additional sorting attributes and adding some interactivity!


All attributes (Population, Length, Area) that are included to the dataset. Especially the geometrical attributes are automatically derived parameter, that are related to the ‘simplified’ geometries and are not the real world dimensions.

You can see that within the pre-versions!
In these examples (states, counties) I used the VG1000-dataset, which is adapted to … scales < 1:1Mio.
The visualisation, above, uses the VG250-dataset, which is adapted to … 1:1Mio < scales < 1:250.000.
Comparing the geometrical parameters shows…they are different!!!

Youre opinions…whether good or bad…are very welcome 🙂


I made also a second version, where the focus lies more on the map than on the sorted polygons!


One Comment
  1. Margiorie Vielma permalink

    I tried to sent you an email but your email “” but it failed.

    I’m writting you to ask if I could use your “Find intersections of a line segment and a circle” algorithm to implement an eraser in my thesis, it consists on a canvas interface to emulate a technical drawing desk, this work will be CC licensed.

    Im writting my own code rigth now, but if it doesnt work, could I use yours?

    Sincerely, Margiorie.

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