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Using in Chrome-/ium

5. June 2013

I just began to manage my codes and snippets via Gist and I also want to visualise them with Mike Bostocks cool tool for immediate html-preview.

I realized a ‘reload-problem’ with that tool, already in my first tests with it. When I updated a Gist file, seemed to not update the visualisation! At least, I always just saw the old version of my code. (Discussed but not solved here)

After short googling, my first idea was confirmed:

The ‘problem’ is the caching of chromium! It caches so well, that even the ‘Ctrl+R’ or ‘Shift+F5’ trick did not make it. (Actually, caching is no problem, as it supports the nice speed of Chrome/-ium)

In chromium (and I think also in Chrome) …you have to enable the browser caching!

Let’s do it:

  1. open the development tools (Ctrl+Shift+i)
  2. open the ‘settings‘ (‘gearing wheel’ in the lower, right corner)
  3. check the box of ‘Disable cache

That’s it…now instantly shows the new version of my Gists!

***Actually…it is not instantly! There seems to exist another, inernal cache at…which causes a delay of max. 10min before you can finally see the new version of your data!

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