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Sexy code snippet visualisation!

6. June 2013

In a previous post we have seen how easy it is to manage code snippets using GitHub-Gist and Sublime Text 2.

As I promised I will show now, how to quickly visualise you code snippets, with

Actually, you do not have to make anything! Just go to and add you GitHub username to the URL! For me it…it is that URL:

As you can see…this site accesses your Gist-directory and lists all public Gists.

The basic usage of is the html-preview of your projects/snippets/tests/whatever.

Basic information:

  • name of main html-file: index.html
  • iframe size: 960px*500px
  • does not need head-body structure
  • uploadable file size seems to be limited (I was not able to use a 11mb file)
  • possibility to add additional files:
    • –> describe you project/…/whatever
    • thumbnail.png (230 * 120 px)–> preview on the main page

Upload the thumbnail.png:

Basically, the sexy Gist-framework can be applied without any constraints. But sadly…it is not possible to upload the ‘thumbnail.png’ via Sublime Text 2!

I found a good tutorial which describes the upload via Git-command line tool:

I will conclude the necessary points here:

  1. clone the desired Gist, e.g.: 
    git clone

    (The corresponging URL can be found on the left side of the Gist-page)

  2. enter the new folder:
    cd 5713066
  3. copy the thumbnail to that folder:
    mv /home/image/folder/thumbnail.png thumbnail.png
  4. add the thumbnail to the Git-repo:
    git add thumbnail.png
  5. commit it to the repo:
    git commit -m "Added thumbnail.png"
  6. finally…push it to the repo:
    git push
  7. enter Git-username & -password
  8. have a look at you bl.ocks-overview:


…there are some browser-plug-ins that enable you to directly access you bl.ocks from GitHub-Gist: ChromeSafari or Firefox (provided by Mike Bostock)

  • Firefox: download addOn –> Firefox –> goto addOns –> settings –> install from file
  • Chromium: dowload addOn –> Chromium –> open extensions window –> pull file in there (!Worked not from ‘Downloads’-folder…I’ve loaded it from the desktop!)
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  1. Hi milkator, is there an easy way to contact you about your blog? I would like to talk to you about some “interaction”

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