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Transfer a gist to a GitHub repository

6. May 2014

Today, I had to manage the task of transfering data, that I previously managed in a gist, to a GitGub repository!

As this was pretty easy…I’d like to share the code with you!

Here’s the source:

1. Initialise a new, empty repository “GistOnGitHub” on GitHub

2. Add a new remote “github” and push the content to the repository

git remote add github
git push -u github master

3. Change the name of the origin of the gist to “gist”

git remote rename origin gist

4. Check out if you’ve typed in everything correctly

 git remote -v

That’s it!!!

From now on…you can push your data to the GitHub-gist and the GitHub-repository, by using:

git push github master
git push gist master

P.S.: I had some problems:

  • with the authentication…so I had to redefine the ssh-authentication!
  • used the wrong URL of the source description and had to change the new remote to the correct URL
    git remote set-url github
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