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Install git-gui on Ubuntu 14.04

9. May 2014

So far, ‘gitg’ was always enough for me…check out the differences visually and make the add/commit stuff by hand.

But this simple handling reaches its limits as soon as you want to commit single lines of one file within different commits. So it’s time to dive more deeply into ‘git gui’…as I know that it makes me handle this task!

Simply install it:

sudo apt-get install git-gui

But where is it now? Typing…git-g[TAB]…nop…hmmm! After a while I realised, that it is called with:

git gui

As I think this is pretty unusual, I change the alias for that and thereby, use the opertunity and make it open in the background:

leafpad ~/.bash_aliases
alias gitgui="git gui &"

Now, I can run it very easy:


But it opens with an allert like:

"No word lists can be found for the language..."

Quick googling tells me to install also the correct ‘aspell’ package (the german in my case):

sudo apt-get install aspell-de

That’s it!


One Comment
  1. Ben permalink

    Thanks so much for sharing, I was struggling to find a a good working git UI system. You are the best!

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